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Dream Recording.'s Journal
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in Dream Recording.'s LiveJournal:

Sunday, March 18th, 2007
2:01 pm
Don't gimme no sass
In this dream, I had apparently been hired as a primary/grade(Depending on where you are)-school teacher. It was a screwed up school, located as it was in the middle of a permanently on-fire toxic waste dump right next to a surburban neighbourhood and several bottomless pits.

By lucky chance I also had a house in the suburbs right next to the school, which was really just an open yard with a ceiling over some of it and a wire fence all around, and was returning home from Elsewhere as the dream started, only to find out that the goddamn students had blocked my driveway with tables!


It seemed like a perfectly sensible idea to start picking up the tables, some of which were on fire, and start flinging them over the fence at the students until the other teachers yelled at me to stop.

I stopped, after ranting at the teachers, then hunted down the little bastard who had been behind the blocking of my driveway. After capturing him, I dangled him over a pit full of burning asbestos, letting him suffer from the fumes, until he cried for mercy, then returned him to school where he died because of all the fumes he'd inhaled.

Then the dream switched to a story about a psychic chihuahua owned by one of the other teachers! It discovered it's owner was a zoophile, but then he accidentially gave it a terrible, soon-to-be-fatal head injury by having sex with a door(Do not ask me how) and decided to start pouring cream and chili sauce in the wound to lessen the dog's pain. When that didn't work, he crushed it's head between his hands to end it's suffering.

That was when I woke up.

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Saturday, March 10th, 2007
2:27 pm
Marzipan Demons from Another Dimension
The beginnings of this dream is list somewhere in the aether, I can only remember fragments of it. It started out in someone's apartment where I started out helping someone cook, then I had to charge outside and save my grandmother from a squadron of Apache helicopters intent on blowing her up with missiles(She had gone deaf, so she didn't notice and was standing almost rock-still, sweeping the same squad foot or so of concrete with a broom over and over again.).

At that point, an evil bishop showed up and tried to abduct some girls, which devolved into a car chase that ended abruptly when he crashed into a dump truck and got turned to mush because he forgot to wear his seat belt.

After that little interlude, I was off to pilot robots against alien invaders in a jungle. It was a quick victory, and at the celebratory dinner, I decided to ask just why the hell we were fighting these guys. I mean, except for the fact that they were intent on gutting all humans they met with their sharp, terrible, talons.

I was told it was because they were demons from another dimension, which were intent on conquering all the world's shapes. Supposedly they had already conquered cubes, cucumbers and bananas. To prove it, someone took a giant cucumber from the dinner table and cut it in half, instead of being full of cucumber, it was full of... Some seriously delicious marzipan sponge cake.

I started to doubt whether I was on the right side in the war.

There were some more parts, but they weren't as interesting because no one died, mostly it was just me running in circles while having no damn idea what was going on.

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Wednesday, February 21st, 2007
4:13 am
My first post to this place.
To help get the ball rolling, I'll post a dream I had just last night. It involves zombies, going home, and people who don't actually exist but it'd be cool if they did.

In it I was back home for the summer, and had decided to visit Garrett up in his mountain retreat. He wasn't in his room and I hadn't called ahead, so I waited. While waiting I began hearing an odd pinging sound, and somehow knew that this was an early warning system Garrett had set up for zombies. Shortly after I heard leaves rustling outside, so I went for the nearest weapon. It turned out to be Garrett's younger sister, and together we hid in his room while waiting for the rest of them to get back.

I tried to sleep in the dream but it was impossible, because the dream me was quite frankly terrified by the fact that our weapons were insufficient. Before too long Garrett, Jason, Garrett's older sister who doesn't actually exist and looked like the TA in my Anthropology class, and Garrett's dad showed up with some new weaponry and they claimed some belt-like device to make you a lot stronger. I tried it but didn't feel anything, probably because it was two straps of leather with some holes in them and two buckles each. With them there we started talking about planning and strategy. It must have taken the whole night, because when gearing up it was daylight.

It took me longer to gear up than everyone else except for Garrett's non-existent older sister, who was ready about the same time. The non-working belt took up most of the time, and creating an impenetrable layer of clothing the second most. I guess the others had already gotten in the car and driven off, leaving us there for some reason, so we started jogging. While jogging we found a gathering of people that looked like it might have been a wedding reception. We were going to take a break there, but a zombie came up and I had to stab it in the eye with a nearby pocket knife. Then another one popped up, this one was naked for some reason, and I had to use the same knife and do the same thing, but this time the blade broke.

Deciding it wasn't safe to stay there and rest any longer, we started jogging down the road again. Maybe the belt did work, because with all the gear I didn't feel very tired. While running we got some idea that the others were only about a mile ahead of us, maybe they had stopped and waited. The road was lined with bushes, which I warned my traveling companion to stay away from because zombies could be hiding inside them. It ended not too long after that, and I don't remember anything else actually happening.

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10:07 am
A repost.
Just to get this place hopping, I'm throwing in a few old dreams from my own LJ.

Here's a favourite:

Where to even START with this one? Actually a pretty good question with most of my dreams, they often seem to be sort of temporally unhinged and following three or four threads at once. Sometimes I experience the same things twice, but with minor variations as I get to re-do things in my dreams and so forth. Does anyone else dream like this? Most other people seem to, when they tell me about their dreams, have dreams that are less, well, insane, frankly. They seem to be relatively linear, if odd, stories.

But back to the dream. I suppose I could start with an overview. The four main threads, small side-steps ignored, seemed to be these:

#1: City Hopping
#2: World-Shaping with Kim Jung Il and Muamar Ghadaffi
#3: Trying to make an internet forum work
#4: Bizarre travelling musical

Sounds promising, doesn't it?

Now, City Hopping is the one I'll start with. It started out in London, I was with some other people and basically it mostly involved wandering around the place and looking at stuff. But for some bizarre reason, half the stores in London had been replaced with porn stores and the other half with clothes stores that also sold candy and books. The air was a lot cleaner than it used to be, though. After that the trip was by bus to some sort of odd Asian city that was surrounded by jungle. It was never said, and no one ever obeyed me, but in the back of my mind I was utterly sure that I was the ruler of said city. The iron-fisted fascist ruler, that is.

Let's get #3 over with before we start on #2.

#3 was just odd. It was a sense of claustrophobia combined with really bizarre flash-ish movies/interfaces and a forum that refused to load while editing ancient posts on the forum for spelling errors. Claustrophobia aside, most of the mood of this one was a sort of desperate(Did I spell that right? I can never remember if it's desperate or desparate.) attempt at getting something started.

Now for the fun one.

Basically I found myself trapped in a canyon with water at the bottom. An excessively narrow one, meaning that more claustrophobia ensued. Thankfully, Muamar and Kim Jung Il helped me shape the world. More specifically, they helped me carve into the walls of the canyon with only my mind and shape it into a horrible labyrinth for killing secret agents, populated with traps, monsters and minions. Then, for some reason, those two and a bunch of other Horrible Evil Rulers decided to have a tournament of some sort. I think it was a buggy race. It made little sense, and I never got to hear who won. For some reason Kim Jung Il was also constantly being hailed, in my dream, as a tech genius. I have no idea, is the guy really a mad inventor of some sort? In my dream North Korea was also in the Middle East, and Kim Jung Il was the SAVIOR OF THE MIDDLE EAST THROUGH HIS TECHNOLOGICAL GENIUS. It was mad.

Now, the last one kept intruding on the other in small, short flashes.

Basically it involved a pontoon boat with a large fan on the back racing across deep water while everyone on board was singing loudly. The occupants were some guy who never really got involved, a couple of stick-figure spiders with four legs on the second guy's hat, and the second guy who was supposedly a police officer. It was never mentioned and he never acted like one. But you know how sometimes in dreams you just KNOW that things are something? I knew he was a police officer. They sung loudly and really musically while racing across the water, but I can't remember what they were singing about. Sometimes the dream clipped to other people who were also on the water joining in for a verse or two, even if their craft was sinking or drowning. At one point, and this is the only part I can remember of the song, the spiders made a little flag out of spider silk on the cop's hat. The dream song revolved around that for a short bit, and that part kept repeating itself like a skipping record, all through the dream.

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10:03 am
First post!
Alright, no one needs to sign up to post things here or to read them, but it'll totally stroke my ego if we get a multiple-digit member number, so let me know if anyone wants to join us.

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